One mom went against the grain for her kids’ health care. It paid off in the best way.

Remember when physicians stimulating home calls was a thing?

I mean, it feels like every other Tv doctor still does it. But in real life, we don’t see it all that often.

Image via iStock.

During the 1930 s, around 40% of all interactions between doctors and patients happened during house calls. But by 1980, it had dropped to less than 1 %.

That’s because with the advent of more advanced( and larger) medical equipment, it just made more sense for patients to travel to their doctors instead of the other way around. Until now.

Today, home calls are coming back in a big way.

With more mobile medical equipment being developed and new apps designed to connect patients and doctors faster than ever, in-home health care has become much more convenient.

Enter Charlie Wetmore . He’s on the front line, his expertise to a very important part of our community: children. And he’s getting kids to pay attention to their health unlike ever before.

“One of the most important thing you’ll notice with a home call is that the child is in a very familiar and very comfortable environment, ” Charlie tells. “You’re able to do a more thorough examination.”

Check out how he’s making a huge impact with one family right here :