Watch Sir Patrick Stewart drink bubbly from another man’s boot

Sir Patrick Stewart has boldly gone were no one has gone before.

While taking part in the festivals at the Formula One Grand Prix in Montreal on Sunday, the Star Trek star took a sip of champagne from third-place finisher Daniel Ricciardos shoe.

Stewart was on the rostrum interviewing the top three drivers when Ricciardo took a celebratory slug of bubbly from his racing boot. The Australian Red Bull driver then asked if Stewart would like some, to which he responded Id love some, yea, yea, come up, to cheers from the crowd.

And he didnt hold back, taking a good five-second chug from the no-doubt sweaty Puma.

It sure was a switch from the tea, Earl Grey, hot, that Stewarts Captain Picard enjoyed on many, many occasions.

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