Uber CEO Travis Kalanick takes leave of absence

Amidst a tough time for Uber, CEO Travis Kalanicks parents were in a tragic boating accident last month that took the life of his mother. Now to grieve and clear his head before enacting changes at Uber, Travis has told his team hell be taking a leave of absence of unspecified duration. You can read the CEOs full letter to Uber below.

Kalanick notes that During this interim period, the leadership squad, my directs, will be running the company. I will be available as needed for the most strategic decisions, but I will be empowering them to be bold and decisive in order to move the company forward swiftly.Its hard to set a timeline on this it may be shorter or longer than we might expect.

When Kalanick returns he will take a diminished role, according to the slate of recommendations by former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder in his report on the investigation into Ubers ethics and leadership difficulties, including sexual harassment and discrimination. Some of the responsibilities that Mr. Kalanick has historically possessed should be shared or given outright to other members of senior management research reports outlines.

Ubers board of directors has voted to adopt all the reports recommendations, which are being shared with employees and the public today.

Other recommendations that impact Kalanick include 😛 TAGEND

Using performance review to hold leaders accountable with metrics tied todiversity, responsiveness to employee grievances, employee gratification, and compliance that impact management compensation

Adding independent board seats, an independent board chairperson, an oversight committee, and an enhanced audit comittee to oversee Kalanick and Uber management

Requiring mandatory inclusive leadership training for Kalanick and other senior management

Increasing Kalanick and managements public is supportive of the human resources team and its new values