UK could stay in EU despite Brexit vote, Macron says

Britain could potentially remain part of the European union, French president Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday, according to The Wall street Journal.

Speaking alongside U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May in Paris, Macron said that the door remains open for the U.K. to remain in the EU, despite last years Brexit vote.

The door plainly remains open so long as the Brexit talks arent concluded, Macron said.


Macron said that once negotiations begin it will be hard to turn back.

The remarks follow the June 8 U.K. election in which Mays Conservative Party lost its parliamentary majority. May had called for the election with the goal of strengthening her position to negotiate Brexit.

But May said the plan to begin Brexit talks scheduled to start on June 19 according to The Guardian will remain as is. The U.K. government will aim to maintain a deep and special partnership with the EU, especially on issues like trade, May stated.

There is a unity of purpose among people in the United Kingdom. It is a unity of purpose, having voted to leave the EU, that the government get on with that, May said.

Macron, who won Frances presidential election in May, has been a strong proponent for a unified Europe. My wish is the fact that we dont use up energy talking about terms and conditions of Brexit, but that in the euro area and the EU we can continue talking about necessary projects to go further, he told.

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