10 Things People Dont Realize Youre Doing Because Youre A Deep Thinker

Veronika Balasyuk

1. You care about things most people dont am worried about .

You care about equality and the environment. You care about the child trying to survive in a war-torn country. You care about supporting your family and friends in times of need. You dont care about the latest rumor, flashy gadgets and expensive clothes. You dont am worried about peer pressure and societal approval.

2. You want to make a difference in the world.

You stay up at night wondering how you can contribute to the world and make a difference. You invest in developing your spiritual, intellectual and moral values. Sometimes you feel altogether disillusioned by the avarice, materialism, egotism, and superficiality in the world, and you want to help change it for the better.

3. The quest of knowledge is the most important thing to you.

You love researching and learning about new things. You like satisfying new people, reading interesting volumes that alter your perception, or watching impactful films that open your mind. Your savors in music, art, and literature are remarkably diverse, and sometimes you have a hard time relating to pop culture.

4. You question everything, and have a hard time conforming.

Its not easy to persuade or manipulate you into doing anything you dont wishes to do. You are strongly resistant to being forced in anyway, because you are in touch with your own integrity and authenticity. You question the status quo, carve out your own path, and dont blindly follow the crowd.

5. You are very private about your personal life.

Your personal life is your private province. You secretly resent any intrusion into it by controlling people who dont mind their own business. Your home is your quiet sanctuary since you expend a lot of time in your thoughts. Peace of intellect and preserving your liberty is of utmost importance to you.

6. You are interested in growing and evolving as a person.

You strive to become the best possible version of yourself. You are not satisfied with unfulfilled potential and living a mediocre life. You work towards excellence in your personal and professional spheres, and you dedicate it your everything. You want to grow into your highest self, and become a better person every day.

7. You analyze and intellectualize everything.

You hold rational reasoning in the highest consider. Even if you are an emotional person, you dont act upon the immediate gratification of your impulses. You respect intellectual people who are aware of their own thinks, and in control of their emotions. You are committed to mindfulness and self-awareness.

8. You need independence in your relationships.

You can be a social butterfly, but you can also be a lone wolf. You keep a distance from the circus of social media validation, and favor genuine face to face interactions. You recharge in solitude, because it is the only period that you can meet your thoughts, make sense of your impressions, and spend time on your hobbies.

9. You are idealistic, and seek meaning in everything you do .

Your sensitivity and emotional intelligence is your greatest gift. You are very perceptive, and a full-time psychologist of human nature. Your powers of perception are well-developed. You use your creative talents and skills to find greater meaning. You are an explorer at heart, and a relentless seeker of passion and purpose.

10. You are not superficial, and crave deeper fulfillment.

You appreciate and are grateful for the simple things in life. You are not into fleeting pleasures offered by shallow and superficial things. You work towards inculcating patience, persistence, resilience, and true grit. You search for depth within yourself, and with your interactions with the world at large.

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