VIDEO: Dem official curses, accosts gay signature gatherers on Pride weekend

A local Democratic Party official was caught on videotape verbally accosting signature gatherers in California during Pride weekend with a torrent of curse words and demanding to know, Which one of you —holes is the lesbian?

The official, Jeff LeTourneau, followed up by saying, You are a f—ing humiliation to any lesbian person I know, you piece of s—.


The exchange occurred in the parking lot of a Fullerton, Calif ., Walmart where LeTourneau, a Vice-Chair with the Democratic Party of Orange County who is gay, discovered that gay volunteers were helping a grassroots group collect signatures to unseat Democratic state Sen. Josh Newman . The endeavor is in response to a gas tax hike that recently passed the Legislature along party lines.

LeTourneau clearly thinks that if you are gay, you can only be a Democrat which is both arrogant and highly offensive, said Carl DeMaio, a gay former San Diego city councilmember and former GOP congressional candidate who can be heard on the video trying to calm down LeTourneau. The notion that Californians are sick of paying higher taxes cuts across party line and sexual orientation.

DeMaio is a conservative talk radio host and founder of Reform California, a PAC that has triggered pension reform and defeated a dozen taxation increases. Reform California is fronting the Newman recall.

LeTourneau, Newman, and Democratic Party of Orange County Chair Fran Sdao did not return emails and telephone call trying comment. California Democratic Party representative John Vigna referred Fox News to the Democratic Party of Orange County.

The chain of events began when a pro-Newman employee demonstrated up onsite Saturday to discourage voters from signing and was told by remember volunteers that a few of them were LGBT, DeMaio said. An hour afterward, LeTourneau arrived and tackled them, the video shows.

Im here as an openly lesbian person on Pride weekend seeing these two people disgracing my community and letting them know I dont am worried about them. Theyre liars! Theyre liars! LeTourneau said.

He added: You do not belong to our community. You also do not are members of the LGBTQ community either.

In the wake of Wednesdays shooting outside Washington at a congressional baseball practise, a number of lawmakers have voiced concern about coarsening political rhetoric — in the media, at town halls and in other situates. The incident in California passed days earlier.

Much of the officials ire was directed at the Republican Party, which he claimed wrote the extermination of the LGBTQ community into its platform.

Throughout the exchange, DeMaio and the publisher of a lesbian news site could be heard trying to placate LeTourneau with phrases like Dont be hateful and Dont be so angry.

At one point, LeTourneau got into exchange experiences with a shopper who approached the petition table and blamed the Vice-Chair for blocking access. She asked him to move.

I dont need to step away, are you kidding me? he told. Im not stepping away.

Then a Walmart manager who just arrived on the scene said, Does she have a democratic right to sign this petition? Why should she be badgered by you?

The shopper finished signing and walked away screaming to LeTourneau: Crazy! Youve got nothing else to do!

Tori Richards is a freelance novelist are stationed in Los Angeles .

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