Kids reveal the best things parents can say to them at their sporting events.

Playing youth sports is one of the best things about being a kid.

It’s about stimulating new friends, getting sweaty, and living your best life learning a game or activity you love. It’s low-stakes fun that can build confidence, teach sportsmanship, and promote teamwork.

High school daughters play against secondary school boys in a game of basketball in Newtok, Alaska. Photo by Andrew Burton/ Getty Images.

But there’s something that can take the fun out of youth athletics: pushy parents.

Every parent wants their child to do well and enjoy themselves, but the line between being a fan and being a fanatic is easy for anyone to traverse.

In this video from I Love To Watch You Play, real youth athletes shared how they feel when their parents are hard on them or try to coach-and-four from the stands.

They may tense up …

… or get disconcerted …

The same goes for after the game, win or lose. Indicate them you care and love them no matter what.

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