An unforgettable spoken word piece explores the struggles facing refugees.

In her spoken word piece, “How Many More? ” Lula Saleh glistens a light on the treacherous journeys refugees endure and their uncertain futures if they survive the trip.

Throughout her stirring piece, equal portions poem and song, Saleh topics not just governments turning away refugees at their borders, but everyone who turns a blind eye to human suffering.

Refugee children from South Sudan in Bidibidi resettlement camp in the Northern District of Yumbe, Uganda. Photo by Isaa Kasamani/ AFP/ Getty Images.

While much of the world’s attention has gone to the refugee population fleeing war-torn Syria and Libya, journeying to western Europe, it’s important to remember and support organizations providing emergency shelters, furnishes, education, and medical care to refugees and displaced people across Africa as well.

This is a global problem that will require thoughtful, compassionate answers. There’s enough passion, energy, and heart to go around.

A woman carries a flour bag during food distribution by the Catholic Church to refugees and displaced people in Juba, South Sudan. Photo by Samir Bol/ AFP/ Getty Images.

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