Professor’s profane, anti-white messages cause campus controversy

A Connecticut college is facing national outrage after a professor posted a series of Facebook messages assaulting white people along with a link to an essay that suggested first responders to last weeks congressional shootings shouldve let the lawmakers f *** ing die .

Trinity College Professor Johnny Eric Williams also reportedly shared an essay posted on Medium that included a photograph of Majority Leader Steve Scalise, titled, Let Them F *** ing Die.

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The anonymous essayist opined that the Capitol police officers shouldve let Rep. Scalise and other Republican lawmakers die in last weeks ball park attack.

Saving the life of those that would kill you is the opposite of virtuous, the essayist wrote. Let. Them. F *** ing. Die. And smile a little bit when you do. For you have done the universe a great service.

The profs incredibly offensive Facebook postings and hashtags were originally reported by Campus Reform.

Im fed the f ** k up with selves identified whites daily violence directed at immigrants, Muslim, and sexually and racially oppressed people. The time is now to confront these inhuman a ** pits and aim this now, the professor wrote .

Ironically, Professor Williams teaches about race and racism.

Trinity College President Joanne Berger-Sweeney said in a prepared statement that she does not condone loathe speech or calls to incite violence.

I told Professor Williams that in my opinion his use of the hashtag was reprehensible and, at the least, in poor decision, the president said. No matter its intent, it goes against our fundamental values as an institution, and I believe its impact is to close intellects rather than open them.

Instead of me trying to construe the essay written on Medium Im going to let the college chairman describe that smoldering piece of garbage disguised as thoughtful prose.

The Medium piece went on to explore broader issues concerning race and the relationship between victims of bigotry and racists, Berger-Sweeney said. The piece culminated with a call to show indifference to the lives of racists. That call was reprehensible, and any such suggestion is abhorrent and wholly contrary to Trinitys values.

Williams told the Hartford Courant that Campus Reform twisted his words and he denied endorsing the essay. He also said the postings were not meant to be made public.

So what did the professor entail where reference is wrote, It is past time for the racially oppressed to do what people who believe themselves to be white will not do, put an end to the vectors of their destructive mythology of whiteness and their white domination system. #LetThemF *** ingDie?

He told the newspaper his point was that people should confront these people who are racists .

This is about free speech as well as academic freedom, he said. From my point of view, Im considering whether I should file a defamation against these guys.

The college has been inundated with so many threats they had to shut down the campus Wednesday out of an abundance of caution.

This incident has caused distress on our campus and beyond; threats of violence have been directed to Professor Williams and to our campus community, neither of which is an acceptable response, Berger-Sweeney said.

President Berger-Sweeny is absolutely correct. Violence is never an acceptable reply. And neither is letting person be massacred merely because of their skin color.

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