A YouTube star shares her thoughts on following your passion.

When Hannah Hart posted her first video on YouTube in 2011, she had no idea what it would turn into.

[ It] was originally only a joke for a friend, Hannah tells.

She had just moved from San Francisco to New York and was running as a proofreader. One night, she was chatting with her friend on the other side of the country when her friend shared that she missed Hannahs “drunk kitchen.”

I was like, Man, Ill send you a video right now, she remembers. So, utilizing Photo Booth on my MacBook, I shot a video, cut it up, and sent it to her, and then a bunch of strangers watched it.

Hart in the first episode of “My Drunk Kitchen.” Image via Hannah Hart/ YouTube.

The video ran viral .

It wasnt long before spectators started clamoring for another episode. So she made another one, and the YouTube series My Drunk Kitchen was born.

From there, Hannahs career as an online celebrity took off.

She not only continued inducing videos for her My Drunk Kitchen series, but she started experimenting with another type of videos too. She soon left her undertaking, endeavoured to Los Angeles, started collaborating with other YouTube celebrities, and objective up dedicating herself to her passion full-time.

When she went all-in, she discovered that she had a passion for entrepreneurship and that she enjoyed building something in a new medium.

Over the following six years, she created a brand for herself online . She has also written two books the parody cookbook My Drunk Kitchen: A Guide to Eating, Drinking, and Going With Your Gut and Buffering: Unshared Narratives of a Life Fully Loaded and is currently the superstar of While the Water Boils, a YouTube series she makes in partnership with Barilla.

Hannah Hart in “While the Water Boils” season 3 trailer. Image via “While the Water Boils”/ YouTube.

Through it all, Hannah says, it was her passion for connecting with people that really drove her to build this career online.

I was always the person that was talking too much in class, always remaining after school to hang out with the teachers and saying, So, third grade, what stimulated you decide to get into elementary education? I just cant used to help, she tells, laughing. I find people really fascinating.

I love getting to know people, I love engaging, and I love hearing what other people passions are. Thats why she loves her work on “While the Water Boils, ” she adds.

[ It] is a series that allows me to do exactly that: satisfy fascinating people who otherwise I wouldnt have gotten the chance to kick it with , she explains.

Hannah Hart and Paul Nicklen at a seal rehab in Season 3 of “While the Water Boils.” Image via “While the Water Boils”/ YouTube.

“While the Water Boils” is now in its third season.

Guests so far on seasons one and two have included such people as Bill Nye, Wanda Sykes, and Theo Rossi. And in season three, she will be interviewing photographer Paul Nicklen, basketball legend Paul Pierce, and actress Grace Byers.

During each episode, Hannah gets the chance to talk with these people about what they are passionate about, whether it be wildlife photography, bowling, or card games. And while they talk, she cooks a special pasta recipe for them.

I am in no way a cook expert, Hannah tells, but I am an enthusiast, and theres nothing more engaging than sharing a dinner with someone. I love cooking with people. I love the energy thats in a kitchen.

Plus, the indicate allows Hannah to combine two of her love: food and talking to new and interesting people about their passions .

There is nothing more enliven than hearing person speak about something that “they il be” passionate about, she continues. Your passion can be botany, your passion can be whatever. But I love engaging with people who are interested in things, who have something to share, who have something to train its a little like nourishment for the soul, merely hearing their experiences and what brought them and led them on this path in life.

Hannah Hart and Grace Byers talk card games in Season 3 of “While the Water Boils.” Image via “While the Water Boils”/ YouTube.

Hannah followed her passion six years ago. Now, she wants everyone else to find theirs too.

She’s happy to share some advice for when you do, too.

First, try not to get overwhelmed by your decision to go after something. “People get so daunted by massive life changes . … I think they keep forgetting the incremental steps, ” she tells. “Just remember the importance of newborn steps.”

Second, don’t forget to drink plenty of water, she says with a chuckle. “Nobody beverages enough water.”

And ultimately, remember that it’s OK to try things alone first you don’t have to tell everyone what you’re going to do before you do it.

“I feel like people forget that you can experiment with something privately long before youre ever ready to share it publicly, ” she tells.

“So if opinion is whats hindering you from pursuing your passion, then merely keep it close to your chest first, ” she continues. “Then, when youre ready … when youve fallen so deeply in love with it that it doesnt matter what anybody thinks, then you can share it with the world.”

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