29 Reasons Ill Always Love Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

1. Because when I wasn’t sure of my strength, I was sure of Buffy’s.

2. Because in middle school, I believed I wanted to die. Still don’t really know if it was the first onset of my depression or some toxic combo of incoming teenage hormones. But, maaan, I was upset in ways I couldn’t even understand. Angst. Misery. I’d pound my fists and screaming into my pillow like Lindsay Lohan in. And in this anger, this morbidity, this desire to put it all to a violent objective, I still had Buffy.

3. Because,

4. Because high school can be hell. And nothing truly highlights that quite as well as literal demons.

5. Because you’re never too old to need your Watcher.

6. Because you can beat your demons.

7. Because being the most powerful one in the room doesn’t save you from a terrible break up.

8. Because a vulnerable heart doesn’t undermine your strength.

9. Because once a revenge demon , not always a vengeance demon. There’s always room for growth.

10. Because Alyson Hannigan deserved an Emmy nomination.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

11. Because you can accomplishes so much more when you have a dedicated group of friends backing you up.

12. Because your friends are the family you choose.

13. Because falling for” the incorrect guy” is a lot more complicated than it seems.

14. Because there’s nothing quite like a snappy one-liner to lighten the mood.

15. Because humor is a survival technique.

16. Because the patriarchy very much exists and it’s our job to smash it.

17. Because after losing my dad,” The Body” set my heartache on a screen and built me feel understood.

18. Because asking for help necessitates true strength.

19. Because sometimes love entails sacrifice.

20. Because the people who really care won’t ever desert you.

21. Because, if you work hard enough, redemption exists.

22. Because women can save the world.

23. Because it’s not faulting if the situation is done to.

24. Because being a grown up is hard.

25. Because even the undead can be super hot.


27. Because trying to make it through the end of the world is worth it.

28. Because the self-proclaimed Big Bad was a mama’s boy who wrote shitty poetry. This means you can ALWAYS redefine yourself.

29. Because no matter what the books tell, you can change your fate.

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