Tristan Walker launches FORM to make it easier for women of color to manage their hair

Growing up, my hair was always information sources of annoyance, pain and embarrassment. Part of that was because there were very few products induced for people like me, with naturally curly and kinky hair. Hence why I simply dropped about $140, tax included, on Walker& Company Brand latest line of products, FORM.

FORM Beauty markets itself as being for all women, but its worth pointing out that since the inception of Walker& Co Brand, the goal has been to attain health and beauty products better for people of color.

The company, which has raised $33.3 million in venture fund, has been apparently successful in the consumer packaged goods market, despite some people not really understanding how big of a market the company is going after. For its first line of products, the Bevel Shave System geared toward humen of colouring, Walker& Co Brand shut a deal with Target, and other retailers, to sell Bevel inside retail stores.

With FORM, the plan isnt to also bring those products inside Target. Instead, Walker& Co Brand Founder and CEO Tristan Walker told me, his company has another retail partner on board, which he said hell tell us more about over the summer.

My FORM process kicked off with an online hair consultation, in which I answered questions about how often I rinse my hair, what kind of products I use to wash it, what I use as a leave-in conditioner( oil versus cream, etc .), if I use any chemical processes and if I experience any type of hair breakage or frizz.

By the end of my consultation, FORM indicated the products in its line that may best for me, which included a detoxing shampoo, a gentle shampoo, a restorative conditioner, a three-in-one leave-in lotion, elongating curl creme and moisture-sealing pomade. I bought all of the suggested products, so be on the lookout for a review once Ive received the products and have employed them for a little while.

FORMs full collect includes ten products, ranging from $22 to $32 each. The notion is that all women , no matter what their race or hair texture, will be able to find something that works for them.

For some context into black hair care, the market had sales of about $2.7 billion in 2015 , not including hair accessories and things like wigs, weaves and extensions, according to Mintel. And the spending power of black consumers is expected to reach $1.3 trillion this year, according to a 2013 Nielsen report.

This summer, FORM Beauty will unveil a tool to enable customers to better understand their hair. FORMs Microscope Analysis Process( MAP) will study your hair strands to decide your hair needs and offer a more personalized recommendation. This attains me think of 23 andMe DNA analysis but for your hair.

Last March, Walker joined me on Bullish, my talk show about tech and whatnot, and he mentioned that, contrary to mainstream notion, what Walker Co& Brands is targeting is not a niche opportunity.

Were targeting a consumer group thats the majority of the world, if you think about black, Latino, Asian customers, Walker told. And by 2040, theyll make upthe majority of the U.S. Walker went on to say that what hes doing is actually the opposite of niche.

There are, of course, other products available for women of coloring. Products I currently use include DevaCurls shampoo and Motions Weightless Daily Oil Moisturizer. The products seem to do the trick for me, but something tells me that my hair could seem and feel even better. Its possible that Im only a sucker for marketing, but I figure I have nothing to lose by dedicating FORM a try.

While other brands focus on a single texture, a single styling process, or even a single ethnicity, FORM is unique in that it was inclusive in it works great for hair of all textures and styling processes, Walker Co& Brands Director of Brand Cassidy Blackwell told me. Additionally many brands may use a hero ingredient to drive their innovation, but with FORM we placed a purposeful emphasis on the entire formulation, ensuring that not only does the entire formula actively work to help the hair feel healthier, but also that the products in the entire collecting work in harmony with one another.

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