Miles and Milan is a new online retailer selling baby clothes that dont suck

Im a terrible uncle, but every once in a while I get the recommend to do nice things and shop for clothes for my nephew and niece. But once I get to a store, the recommend fades virtually instantly( sorry Sam and Noa ).

The reason?

Everything I see is terrible. Why must newborn clothes be so cheesy? Why cant they just come in basic colours, using good materials and at a comparatively affordable cost?

Well, Miles and Milan, a new clothing company launched by a former Converse, Levis and 7 for all Mankind exec, Shennel Fuller, wants to bringing the Zuckerberg ethos of minimalism to the newborn and toddler set.

I didnt want to dress my child like a cartoon character, says Fuller. I want it to be like Steve Jobs for childrens clothing.

For Fuller, the goal is minimal, basic newborn clothes that folks can order online.

The company has already gotten nods from celebrity mamas like Eva Chen and Tyra Banks( apparently they do stuff ?) and is pushing out its clothes with a novel sales pitch.

The company sells boxes of the same shirt for different ages, so you can buy one box and have clothes for your kid as they grow.

Single onesies go for $35, while a three-pack is $100 and a five-pack is $165.

Being a new mom, the thing I was doing was spending a ton of money on the basics, tells Fuller. My child is continuing to grow and Im spending money on things I dont like.

The box with sizings for each stage of small children developing is a way for parents not to get caught off your guard by a sudden growth spurt.

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