Slacks head of communication design on building teams and improving diversity in tech

Kristy Tillman is the head of communication design at Slack. In our 20 th episode, she talks about what its like building a squad from scratch and how brand and communication design plays a role in an organization. She also explains why diversity is less about numbers and more about having the right perspectives present.

Starting from nothing is not an easy chore, but its one Tillman has done multiple times throughout her career. She says one of the keys to building a design squad from the ground up is to start with generalist decorators at first, before eventually bringing on more specialized talent.

Diversity might not be what you think it is. According to Tillman, diversity is about understanding how to engage people with all different points of view. Diversity isnt inevitably about filling a quota, tells Tillman. Those are important, but its really about the experience of the end-user.

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