The news said there are no good father figures around. James Savannah wasn’t having it.

In the summer of 2013, James Savannah became a full-time single parent almost overnight .

The change came after his ex-wife made a rough patch and their kids moved in with him. He went from watching his children only during school transgress to being their full-time caregiver.

With three children to care for alone, the transition was rough, to say the least and was constructed even more difficult by the fact that he was in between jobs and didn’t know where his next paycheck was coming from.

“I wept hard because they deserve more than what I was devoting them at the time, ” tells Savannah.

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But this hardship merely made him more determined to succeed at one thing: being a great papa. “I only had to step my game up, ” he says.

The news kept feeding him the story that there aren’t enough “good father figures” anymore, which bothered him a lot.

Thats not true, Savanah says. There are so many parents that inspire me on a daily basis.

Feeling both personally concerned and universally motivated to create a sense of community among the great fathers of the world , he decided to do something about it.

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Savannah created a hashtag, #ProudDads, and started tagging his own photos and tweets as well as photos of others dads doing an amazing job.

The goal was simple. ” Let’s merely indicate what good fathers truly are, ” he said.

Savannah also launched an event called Parents First to help equip, uplift, and inspire other parents to be great fathers and offer them a support system.

“I hope ProudDads[ is] a place where they can go to receive the help that they need, wherever they are in the process, ” Savannah explains.

Savannah’s children wanted to do something to thank him and to present their “proud dad” that the feeling’s mutual.

They wanted him to know how proud they are of him and how grateful they are for everything he does for them so they decided to present him with a special care package.

In it, they devoted him a framed hand-drawn household portrait titled “Proud Kids” and a heartfelt letter.

“I hope you know that you have some very proud kids to match your proud dad, ” they wrote.

Savannah’s narrative reminds us that there are so many dads who are involved in their kids’ lives even though sometimes it isn’t illustrated that style in popular culture or the media.

Fathers that are very to participate in day-to-day parenting are often considered “exceptional.” Too many people assume that they must take a less-active role. But there are lots of great papas out there, and Savannah wanted to raise their profile with #ProudDads.

And Savannah couldn’t be more proud of the role he plays in his kids’ lives.

“The good of parenthood far outweighs any challenges that you have, ” Savannah says. “Just your kids being happy with no cares in the world, this is what you live for.”

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