Absolutely terrible for women: Kamala Harris blasts health bill in fiery essay.

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/ Getty Images For J/ P Haitian Relief Organization and Cinema For Peace.

In an op-ed in Lenny newsletter, Sen. Kamala Harris of California attacked the new health care bill drawn up by her( all-male) colleagues in the Senate a bill that “would be absolutely terrible for women, ” she wrote.

“The Senate Republican health care plan is, as the young people might say, a ‘hot mess, ‘” Harris lambasted , noting that girls would take the brunt of its negative impact.

If the bill becomes statute as is, many key provisions in the Affordable Care Act that help women particularly vulnerable, low-income females would be stripped away.

As the senator explained, the Better Care Reconciliation Act would 😛 TAGEND

Bar women working in Medicaid from visiting Planned Parenthood, even though about half of the organization’s patients rely on Medicaid for their care. Reverse the ACA’s requirement that insurers encompass birth control and maternity care a setback that specifically targets females. Stick women with a hefty “pregnancy taxation” from greedy health insurance providers simply for becoming a parent.