Senate intelligence panel to get Comey memos, top Democrat says

The Senate intelligence committee will receive former FBI Director James Comey’s memos of his conversations with President Trump as part of its investigation into Russian actions during the 2016 election, the committee’s top Democrat told reporters Wednesday.

“We have a commitment to get appropriate access to the Comey memos, ” told Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va. “I’m pleased, I think it’s critical information we have to have as part of its consideration of the item process.”

Warner said the committee would receive the memos “soon, ” but would not specify a date. He also did not say with whom the committee made the bargain to receive the memo.

Comey, who was fired by Trump as FBI Director May 9, told lawmakers earlier this month that he prepared multiple memoes documenting conversations with the president that Comey said built him uneasy. One of the memoranda detailed a Feb. 14 dialogue in which Trump requested that the FBI end an investigation into former national security consultant Michael Flynn.

During his testimony before the Senate intelligence committee, Comey admitted to having a friend leak that memo to the media.

Warner said he’s anxious to assure Comey’s contemporaneous reflections on his meetings with the president, particularly the Oval Office discussion on Flynn.

Warner wouldn’t say if he knew if there were multiple copies of the memos.

Earlier Wednesday, information sources close to Trump’s legal team told Fox News that they had indefinitely postponed filing ethics grievances against Comey with the Department of Justice inspector general and the Senate Judiciary Committee in relation to the leaked Feb. 14 memo.

The source said the postponement was in deference to the ongoing FBI investigation led by special attorney Robert Mueller.

Fox News’ John Roberts and the Associated Press contributed to this report .

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