This woman uses food as makeup

Weve heard of women slathering avocado or Greek yogurt on their faces on the quest for perfect, smooth skin. But vlogger Ms Yeah has taken the idea to another level.

Ms Yeah can create a perfectly contoured, painted face using Skittles, tomato sauce, glutinous rice flour and other pantry items, as insured on the Daily Mail site. Then again, the Chinese YouTube star is no stranger to playing with her food. She skyrocketed to fame with her cooking videos, depicting her stimulate hamburgers and hot pots at work utilizing a computer tower as a stave or an iron as a grill. In one, she makes a working oven out of a desk drawer, aluminum foil, a light bulb and a pane of glass, an activity her open-office mates acknowledge with astounding nonchalance. Now shes approached makeup with the same deranged DIY ethos.

First, Ms Yeah concocts her foundation, blending flour, chocolate powder, water and sesame petroleum into a thin paste. She applies this unholy concoction onto her face with a grill brush and sets it all with more flour. She dabs tomato sauce onto her lips and makes eye shadow out of Skittles. Coffee grounds add depth to her eyebrows, while dragon fruit juice devotes her cheek a rosy incandescence. By videos aim, he amount of sugars and oils oozing into her pores would give Gwyneth Paltrow a heart attack.

As in her cook videos, Ms Yeah use ingredients and tools she find in her office. She steals marshmallows from a co-worker to employ as brushes. At one point, she strolls over to the offices pet chicken no clue as to what its doing in here, but its part of the videos surrealistic charm and plucks one of its featherings, fashioning it into a brow pencil.

The tutorial has been viewed 175,000 days so far, garnering hundreds of remarks, from skepticism( how did she match her scalp tone so closely ?) to delight. And it is various kinds of fun watching this extreme life hacker tackle beauty vlogging. Though, like her cook how-tos, this does seem NSFW. Lets hope she washed all that gunk off her face right away.

This article orginally appeared on New York Post

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