Dog parents: Here’s how to calm down your dog during fireworks.

Fireworks are colorful, beautiful, and awe-inspiring. But for most dogs, they’re absolutely scaring.

Think about it loud noises and bright suns occurring without warning and often while their human best friends in the entire world leave them home alone? It’s no wonder our four-legged friends get major anxiety.

Before you celebrate, here are nine ways to keep your pet safe and minimise noise anxiety.

Left: Photo by Chip Somodevilla/ Getty Images. Right: Photo by Vyacheslav Oseledko/ AFP/ Getty Images.

1. Going to a fireworks depict? Maybe don’t bring your doggo.

Yes, your puppy loves hamburgers and grassy fields, but the rest of the night is dark, unfamiliar, and filled with strangers. And that’s before the fireworks start. Don’t let your human remorse get in the way of their canine convenience.

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2. If you know your dog has noise nervousnes, do them a solid and stay home.

When your puppy is frightened, they will look to you not only for consolation but to know how to react or behave. If you’re not there, they’ll have one more thing to worry about. Consider staying in or asking a trusted friend or dog-sitter to come by.

3. Before the fireworks, take your dog on a nice long walk.

A walk before sundown may be the only day your pet is willing to go outside all night. Plus a nice saunter will tucker them out, leaving little energy to put toward their anxiety.

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4. When it comes to food and water: feed and fill.

Nervous dogs may avoid eating, so make sure they get a good dinner earlier in the day. However, nervous puppies tend to be on the thirsty side, so keep the water bowl filled and at the ready.

7. Distraction is a another great tool to SQUIRREL!

Since your puppies can’t sit and mindlessly refresh Twitter, a new bone, puzzle toy, or favorite game might be just what they need to get through a stressful night.

8. Tags: You’re it.

Even puppies who aren’t prone to running away could get scared enough to bolt during fireworks. Stimulate sure your puppy is wearing its collar and tags and that your doorways and yard are secure.

9. Be the friend you’d want to have when you’re scared.

Offer kind vibes, head pats, peanut butter, lots of snuggles, and no pressure to come out from under the bed.

Photo by Timothy A. Clary/ AFP/ Getty images.

Fireworks only happen a handful of days each year. With a little preparation, you can get through them together.

Be supportive, caring, and generous with your affection.

Basically, be like your puppy.

Photo by Don Emmert/ AFP/ Getty Images.

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