Heres Exactly Whats So Lovable About Each Myers-Briggs Type

Aral Tasher


Theres something comforting about the person or persons with a scheme. With the majority of us running around like a chicken with our head cut off, you cant help but love how you have a plan for just about anything. You are imaginative, but still strategic and focused. Simply put, you have your shit together.


Id say that youre fairly woke. You are always go looking for more knowledge and youre not afraid to challenge yourself. Thats what is so loveable about you. Its incredibly sexy to watch someone who is hungry for knowledge and will search every nook and cranny to find it! Knowledge is power and youre about as powerful as they come!


Oh, you beautiful leader, you. What is there not to love about a natural-born leader? Youre the type of person who is unstoppable. If you cant find a way, you better believe youre going to make one. You are bold and fierce. I wouldnt be the one to try and stand in your route!


If I can be honest, some might see you as a bit of an asshole-but if I can be honest again, everyone love at least one person who is a bit of an asshole. Theres something fulfilling about your witty, smarty-pants personality that you cant assist but love. Youre definitely up to debate and challenge just about anything that comes out of someones mouth, especially if you know youre right.


Youre the silent assassin-not in a bad way though. Youre someone who can own a room without saying a word. You are inspiring and observant. Quiet, but bold. Your best quality is your mystique. You definitely leave people wanting to know more about you and that in itself is super desirable.


Youre trustworthy. Youre kind. There is never a time that youre able to help and wont. People can depend on you and thats what is so lovable about you. Its comforting were told that youre person people can lean on in a time of require and the best part? Youre humble!


Youre smooth. The way words slip through your lips, you can captivate any ears within reach. Your charisma is inspiring and to be honest, youre sly in your ways because of it. Youre a persuader-and most of us hang on to your every word. Theres something so lovable about a cunning, charismatic leader.


Youre the free-spirit. Everyone loves your social, creative styles. Its just about impossible to maintain you down. Youre infectious and your energy is the best thing about you! Lovable is an understatement.


Youre serious, but we all require serious in our life. You are undoubtedly reliable, but you dont play. There wont be any foolishness at hand when youre around. You find the facts and you stick to it. The most loveable thing about you is how secure people feel when youre around.


You take care of your circle. Who cant help but love the fearless defender of the group? You are dependable and dedicated to constructing sure you have the back of those you care about and the world to know each other. Youre always ready to defend your loved ones.


Youre in charge. Youre good at managing life and everything involved in it. You run shit. Point blank, period.


You have qualities that coincide with some of the previously mentioned, but what is most lovable about you is your caring stance. You are as social and easy-going as ENFP, but youre generosity and compassion builds you the type of person who is ready to help in whatever way you can.


Youre a risk-taker and an explorer. Thats whats so lovable about you. You believe that experience is the best teacher and when you practice any skill, you dont stop until youve mastered it. Youre good with your hands and Id bet youre one of the best in bed!


Youre an artist. You see the world in colour. You are lovable because youre open-minded and ready to explore and share new experiences with those around you. You live life.


Youre smart. You make a way out of no way. The most loveable thing about you is the way no is never an answer to you. Like rushing water, youre a force-out to be reckoned with! Youre soon to be the CEO of whatever prize you set your eye on.


People love you because they dont know what to expect from you. You go with the flow and if its not flowing the way you want it to, you move on to the next current. You dont allow people to dictate the style you live your life. Youre way to exotic to live a boring life.

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