Trying To Forget You At 2AM

Do you remember those nights?

Those nights when we stayed up until 2 oclock in the morning, thinking about random what ifs and could bes and all the funny things in between. Ive always known myself to forget tiny details, small fragments and what seemed like trifling memories. But you, with hindsight, you are nothing short of unimportant. I recollect because those nights are worth remembering. You are worth remembering.

But am I worth reminiscing?

Believe it or not, Ive tried forcefully forgetting. I had countless endeavors of trying to loose vivid sights of those nights regardless when it was the time when: we wondered if there were other worlds out there; we held hands and gazed at the starry skies; we listened to the tunes you liked; we listened to the tunes I liked; we watched frightening movies and you didnt mind sharing your pillow with me; we sat in anticipation to what the next episode of your favorite TV series is likely to be; when you shared your deepest, darkest secrets; when you planned on running away. I tried to let go of: stolen glimpses of you while youre too busy to notification; the promises you made; the promises I made; and my own personal favorite, the times when there was only silence and we had nothing else to say.

I still recollect them allthe bests, and worsts, and all the proportions we cant even sort.

Do you recollect those nights? Im not sure. Probably, you dont.
And thats okay.

Its okay because, Ill always is right there to remember it for youthat even we bid our good byes-byes during the last night we spent together, I wont forget. Even if I want to, I honestly dont think Ill ever endure because no matter what I do , no matter how hard I try, I am naturally drew attention to you. I already kept it locked in box, kept it safe and well-protected. Even if I dont wishes to, Im certain I will still find any clue of you everywhere. I will try to find pieces of you in everyone.

Worse, I will still think of the ultimatum: what if it were you and me?

And if I suddenly get shortsighted, there is nothing to worry about. After all, it really wasnt merely the two of us, another figure is a witness to all the heartbreaks, pledges, and random conversations.

We were not alone2AM has heard and insured it all.

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