Veterans try to save World War II-era submarine berthed along shallow, NJ river

It may be off the beaten path, beyond a parking lot of a roadside diner, in fact, but this is where the USS Ling submarine has been a beloved attraction of the New Jersey Naval Museum in Hackensack, New Jersey since 1973.

Now, its turned into a 25 -hundred ton problem.

The nearly 312 -foot long World War II-era vessel remains berthed along the shore of the Hackensack River, and has served as a floating museum operated by a group of loyal veterans from the Submarine Memorial Association, a nonprofit organization, who have worked for decades to keep the sub’s history alive. A small museum on coast has also helped to tell the narratives of submarines and ships used in the U.S. Navy, which has described thousands of visitors through the years.


But new proprietors of the property have plans to redevelop the area and have served the museum curators an eviction notification, creating a troubling challenge for the museum and the sub.

Les Altschuler, vice president of the Submarine Memorial Association spoke with Fox News about the dilemma, saying, “physically yes, we can move, we don’t have a place right now to move to. As far as the Ling, unless someone comes up with something we haven’t hear already, as to how you can move it, out of the river here, to some other place, its going to stay in the river.”

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