Solve escorts you through the airport like a VIP

The stroll sprintfrom your arrival gate to customs is no fun. As a traveler you usually have no idea how long the customs line is going to be, and you could end up being stuck waiting for hours depending on the airport and time of day.

But currently being an( easily accessible) solution. Meet Solve, the startup that determines you a concierge to meet you at your arrival gate and bodyguard you through the airport, through customs and to your waiting car.

Part of Y Combinators Summer 2017 class, Solve will also help with airport arrival service, and connection transfers.

The reason I told Solve provides an easily accessible solution is because the infrastructure to supply these VIP escorts is already in place Solve is just building it easier for the average traveler to take advantage of. Over 500 airports around the world already have agreements with companies that provide these escort services but the industry is fragmented and very behind on technology. Its hard to make reservations and get pricing information, and some providers still use fax machines to run their business.

So Solve has aggravated these services into one site with transparent pricing and easy booking.

Because there are hundreds of operators all running their own escort services, pricing differs. You can get a VIP bodyguard from your vehicle to your gate for $140 in Cape Town, South Africa but would need to pay $740 for the same service in Moscow. But generally, you can expect to pay about $300 for an escort for two people in most airports, including major U.S ones like SFO and JFK. You can type in any airport here to get specific pricing for that location.

Different operators also mean different levels of service while many airports have a fast track lane for escorted VIPs at customs, theres a chance the airport youre at may not have such an arrangement. Also with over 500 locatings operated by different companies there will obviously be different levels of service provided depending on how often that airport handles VIP transfers. That being said, Solve does ensure each transfer will fulfill the passenger at the gate or curbside and expedite the security, immigration, and customs processes.

While the startup originally discussed putting employees in airports and creating these services themselves, they instead decided to focus on build products that make the suppliers more efficient. Some future ideas include an Uber-style app that shows you your concierges scene and name and offer real-time tracking and status updates, or a bio on the customer that the concierge has before they meet in the airport.

At best, Solve could save you hours of travelling time for a fairly reasonable amount of money, at the least is comparable to what most of us would expect services like this to cost. At worst, youll get to feel like a baller for a few minutes and get some extra assist at the airport, which is never a bad thing.

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