This ballerina inherited a love of dance from her mom, even though she’s adopted.

When you adopt a child, theres no telling what kind of person they will be.

Their talents, their personality, their likes and aversions everything about them will be a amaze. So when Alison Stroming, originally from Brazil, was adopted into a family of dancers, it was anybody’s guess whether she, too, would take to the stage.

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Her mother, Jackie, let her try everything from horseback riding to gymnastics. But as it turned out, it was indeed dance that stuck something she was pretty amazing at. With her mom’s assist, she developed extensively throughout her childhood and has gone on to dance at Juilliard, the Guggenheim, and the Metropolitan Opera.

The only drawback is that today, Allison lives and dances in Manhattan and rarely gets to see her mama, who lives in Los Angeles .

Luckily, they lately had a chance to sit down and talk, and Alison took the opportunity to thank Jackie with a care package made of memories especially for her.

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