ShareIQ helps brands track their product images across the web

As more and more product images get shared on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr, ShareIQ tells it can help brands understand whats going on.

Founder and CEO Brian Killen used to work as the head of strategy at marketing company Acxiom, and he remembered being told by a retail marketing executive, I consider my scenes all over Pinterest and websites and all over countries around the world, but theres no product datum , no detail, I dont know how people detected them. How do I get people to know that they can buy it from me? So he started ShareIQ to answer those questions.

While other companies like Curalate and Olapichave also constructed marketing tools around social photo-sharing, Killen told ShareIQ is uniquely focused on helping brands understand how their images spreading across the web, and how those images are contributing to the companys bottom line.

ShareIQ products include an analytics platform covering things like a brands most engaged content and the total audience reached by that content. It also includes a share tree displaying how different users and publishers are spreading the content, and data on how a brands performance stacks up against competitors.

The company also offers a tool for creating custom audiences of people who have ensure or shared a brands image. So if you scrolled past a photo of a cool product but had no idea how to buy it, you might soon start ensure ads that actually direct you to the product page.

Behind the scenes, Killen said ShareIQ has developed a new approach to storing images and associated data, one that allows the company to really get massive scale, super high accuracy, super fast matching and velocity, and very, very low cost on the server. As a outcome, the company tells it has the infrastructure to keep up with all the new content being added across the web each day, with 750 billion images processed so far.

And while ShareIQ only officially launched this week, its clients already include Tommy Hilfiger. The company( which was founded in Berlin) is also opening its first US office in New York City.

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