Venus Williams car crash: Video shows tennis star entered intersection legally, police say

Tennis star Venus Williams legally entered an intersection and did not breaking the law in the ensue car crash that resulted in one person’s death, police said Friday upon releasing a surveillance video of the incident.

The video shows that Williams was cut off by another automobile, setting off a chain of events that seconds later resulted in a fatal accident with a third car, police said.

Investigators have now repealed their originial conclusion that Williams was at fault.

The video depicts Williams heading north as she stops her 2010 Toyota Sequoia SUV at a stoplight behind a white vehicle as she exits her Palm Beach Garden neighborhood soon after 1 p.m. June 9.

When the light turns green, the white auto turns left onto a six-lane, heavily traveled boulevard, but Williams heads straight. A dark colored sedan turns left in front of her, causing her to stop.

She then continues straight into the far, westbound lanes, where her SUV is struck in the passenger’s side by a 2016 Hyundai sedan driven by Linda Barson.

Palm Beach Garden police said in a statement Friday that Barson’s light had turned green just before Williams moved in front of her. Barson’s 78 -year-old husband, Jerome Barson, died June 23 from traumata suffered in the crash.

Williams, who was not hurt, has not been quoth or charged. Police spokesman Maj. Paul Rogers told Friday that no blame has yet been determined.

Jerome Barson’s estate has filed a wrongful death suit against Williams attempting unspecified damages. Linda Barson, 68, suffered numerous fractures to her arm.

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