Millennials can totally relate to these cartoon characters navigating life in 17 comics.

The real world is full of unknowns, especially for recent college grads and millennials hustling to figure out life’s next steps.

It’s a feeling I know too well. As a first-generation American who landed a chore at Google, I wanted to share all the advice, lessons, and up-and-down feelings I learned while navigating life as a young professional.

I turned to my childhood passion of cartoons, and the comic Every Vowel was born.

In Every Vowel, the characters are alphabet letters. The hero is the letter Y, and he works at Vowels, Inc ., where his colleagues are A, E, I, O, and U. Sometimes, Y feels like one of the vowels. Other hours, he doesnt. Like most Generation Y millennials, he struggles to define his identity.

Here are 17 inspiring, funny, almost too real cartoons that millennials in their first undertakings and professionals of every age can instantly relate to.

1. Mondays.

All illustrations by Jon Youshaei. Employed with permission.

2. Email struggles.

3. Every office has that co-worker who’s a little bit of a know-it-all…

4 . … but the truth is, no one knows it all. Push out those imposter syndrome believes!

5. Let your work speak for itself.

6. Sometimes, you don’t know what happened next( but you should always try .)

7. Even the most creative people struggle with doubt.

8. It’s your choice how you expend your days.

9. Discovering good people to confide in is invaluable.

10. On growing up…

11 . … and fitting in.

12. When it comes down to it, attitude is everything.

13. Traveling the road to success rarely runs as schemed.

14. There are good and bad ways to use your time.

15. The best leaders know the value of teamwork.

16. And they aren’t afraid to try new things.

17. Sure, life gets tough, but recollect:

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