Waymos self-driving minivans get some emergency vehicle training time

Waymos self-driving Pacifica minivans lately got a dedicated testing day with the Chandler, Ariz. Fire& Police Department, wherein the autonomous vehicles expended day in focused demo runs where firetrucks, police cars, motorcycles, ambulances and more navigated streets in and around the Waymo vehicles.

This test was the first emergency vehicle testing day Waymo has run with its new vehicles( theyre exposed to them in the course of the ordinary vehicle road trials, of course, but this is the first dedicated day around this testing ). The aim was to collect as much sensor data as possible regarding the emergency vehicles, and how they sound and seem as they pass, lead and trail behind the autonomous cars

The resulting data helps form a library from which Waymo can pull when training its vehicles on the proper behaviour and set of responses to use when encountering ambulances and the like on real roads patently a key ingredient that needs to be addressed before public road tests can become commercial service deployments.

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