No Matter The Distance Between Us, We Still Share The Same Sky

Shifaaz Shamoon

You are miles apart from me in a little town, resting your head on a worn pillow, pushing your through your days as if you arent depleted by the sheer weight of this world.

You are miles apart from me, drinking coffee and watching airplanes take off, listening to Joshua Radin radio and humming along, filling your intellect with anything that doesnt hurt.

You are miles away from me, laughing at silly jokes, getting on your motorcycle and riding until your legs ache, taking photos at sunset, trying to pretend like youre perfectly fine, reaching for your phone to send me a message that you know I wont answer until morning because Im already asleep.

You are miles apart from me in a soft bed, watching the stars twinkle outside your window, missing me the same way I miss you. You do all this in the same way I watch that dark sky, wishing on aircrafts and feigning “they il be” shooting stars, longing for your arms around me, your kiss on my forehead.

You are miles apart from me, and sometimes it hurts.

Sometimes I want nothing else than to erase the distance, to pretend it doesnt exist, to rewrite our tales into one anothers so its not as complicated, so its not as painful. Sometimes I want to close my eyes and calm my heart, tell myself that we will be okay, and believe it, even when the days drag on.

You are miles apart from me, and I dislike it.
You are miles apart from me, and I wish you werent.

You are miles apart from me, but we are still so deeply connected.

You are miles apart from me, and yet, we still share the same sky.

There is so much physical distance between ustrains and planes and vehicles, tickets and reservations and schemes that havent yet been induced, excuses and dreads and reasons why we cant. And yet, every night when my head hits the pillow and I toy with blind people on my window to consider those superstars just once more, Im reminded that no matter what divides us, we still should be noted that same black, that same white moon, those same promises, written in the constellations.

And then, abruptly, it doesnt hurt as much.

Because how far apart can we be if was currently looking into the same air above us? If we can still dance under the same crescent moon? If we can giggle into our telephone receivers at the sound of each other voice, watching the Big Dipper glow miles and miles over both of our heads ?

You may be far from me, but we still share the same sky, the same dreamings, the same wishes, the same love. You may be far from me, but we still look up and are grounded in who we are and who were meant to beone day, together.

And so I hope on those nights when youre feeling doubtful, when you wrap yourself in blankets and let the light of a Tv reveal illuminate your silent bedroom, when you roll over and feel emptiness beside you, when the other half of the pillows grown cold, you remember that we are never too far apart that we cannot be connected under the stars above us.

And that when you feel the most alone, all you need to do is look up. And know Im looking too, believing in us and how we will grow and shine.

Marisa Donnelly is a poet and author of the book,, available here.

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