Death of Liu Xiaobo: activists scorn Trump for hailing ‘terrific’ Xi

The US presidents praise for Chinas leader was shameful coming after the death of the Nobel-winning political prisoner

Human rights activists have poured scorn on Donald Trump for showering Chinas terrific president Xi Jinping with kudo merely hours after one of the worlds most famous political prisoner died in the custody of Chinese security services.

Speaking in Paris shortly after it was announced that the democracy champion and Nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo had died, the US president said nothing of the activists plight.

Instead, when asked for his personal believes on Xi by a Chinese television journalist, Trump replied: Hes a friend of mine. I have great respect for him a great leader.

Hes a very talented human. I think hes a very good man, Trump continued at a joint press conference with French president, Emmanuel Macron. He loves China, I can tell you … He wants to do whats right for China.

President Xi is a terrific guy. I like being with him a lot, and hes a special person, added the US president, who has been trying to forge a partnership with China to tackle North Korea.

Friends of Liu Xiaobo and campaigners slammed the timing and nature of Trumps commentaries about Xi, who commentators tell has overseen the most dramatic crackdown on other members of civil society in decades in a bid to shore up the Communist partys monopoly on power.

Hu Jia, a veteran activist, told: I feel so disappointed. Trump has shown so few interest in human rights since he came to power, and sometimes he even demonstrates contempt for human rights issues.

Trump did nothing during the G20 summit and now stimulates these comments in Paris. Is he trying to encourage the dictator? Is his message: What youve done can be ignored?

The statements Ive heard from Trump leave me feeling cold, even in such a hot, damp summertime, Hu added.

Teng Biao, a human rights lawyer who was forced into exile in the US by Xis crackdown, said the west as a whole had failed to stand up to Beijing over Liu Xiaobos suit and the wider human rights crisis.

And it is especially shameful that Donald Trump praised Xi Jinping at the moment when Liu Xiaobo was dying, Teng added. Xi Jinping is so brutal Xi Jinping is not a respectable leader. He is a brutal dictator.

Rose Tang, another exiled human rights activist, said Trumps remarks were incredibly horrific and infuriating.

He has no human decency let alone the tiniest bit of gallantry to stand up to China, a tyranny thats been growing stronger by the day because of appeasement from the west.

The White House afterward issued a brief statement which told Trump had been deeply saddened by the death of the courageous advocate Liu Xiaobo.

However, that statement contained no criticism of the role Chinas leaders played Liu Xiaobos ordeal and was far shorter and more restraint than those of other prominent Republican, including former chairman George W Bush.

In a statement, Bush said Liu Xiaobo had dared to dream of a China that respected human rights. For that he spent much of their own lives as a political prisoner of conscience. But he never vacillated in his quest to advance freedom and democracy.

Senator John McCain said Lius treatment represented an egregious violation of the fundamental human rights for which he had combated. Unfortunately … this is only the latest example of Communist Chinas assault on human rights, democracy and freedom, McCain added.

Senator Marco Rubio also slammed Chinas shameful treatment of this peaceful hero, who championed the very ideals that are at the foundation of Americas own experimentation in self-government.

Terry Branstad, the new US ambassador to Beijing, also went beyond Trumps comments, calling on China to release all prisoners of conscience and to respect the fundamental freedoms of all.

Teng, the exiled lawyer, said Trumps fawning over Xi underlined how the world was turning its back on Chinese human rights defenders as they put their countrys economies ahead of their values.

Western governments feel that for them it is more important to talk[ with China] about North Korea or counter-terrorism, or climate change or international business, than human rights, he told.

Additional reporting by Wang Zhen

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