This viral TV segment hilariously obliterates the idea that baby formula is bad.

In “Adam Ruins Everything, ” comedian Adam Conover savagely and hilariously takes down common myths and stereotypes.

Throughout the show’s running, Conover has “ruined”( through facts !) things like polygraph exams, nutritional psuedo-science, and diamond engagement rings.

In a recent episode, he took aim at something that has parents everywhere creating an eyebrow : newborn formula .

That’s right. Contrary to popular belief, newborn formula is a perfectly safe and healthy alternative for most new families.

The push in recent years to normalize and celebrate breastfeeding has been great, but one unfortunate side effect is that it sometimes leads to the shaming or even demonizing of mothers who have to or simply choose to feed their babies formula.

The viral clip explains it perfectly 😛 TAGEND

The science is clear on this: Breastfeeding isn’t the only style to feed your baby. It’s not the only way to bond with them, either.

You may have heard that breastfeeding releases something “ve called the” “love hormone, ” or oxytocin, which strengthens the mother-baby bond.

Welp. Conover is here to ruin that for you, too. Yay!

“Oxytocin is a hormone that gets released when you do things like hug or cuddle, ” he says. “But that same hormone is released when you do things like fire a handgun or watch porn.”

In other terms, he tells, there’s simply no scientific evidence that formula feeding is detrimental to your relationship with your newborn, physically or emotionally.

Most doctors still recommend breastfeeding, but it’s important to remember that this is a selection , not a mandate.

These myths about formula feeding have been long overdue for a good bustin’. And while many females can’t breastfeed for different physical reasons, it’s also totally cool to merely choose not to.

Now that we know breastfeeding and formula feeding are both entirely fine, safe, and healthy options, let’s is letting mommies mom however they want to mom.

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