How To Heal A Broken Heart Even If Youre Still Hurting

Pete Bellis

The beautiful thing about hearts is that they can be both strong and vulnerable. They can hurt and heal at the same day. They can transgress and love simultaneously. But mending a broken heart is easier than you think. It doesnt require a magic formula and it doesnt need a cardiologist. Healing a broken heart starts with recollecting all the things your heart loves and all the things your heart beats for.

You heal when you decide to give your heart a new life. You mend when you start to move on and decide to let go. You heal when you stop overthinking and start living. You mend when you dont look at your heartache as an aiming but instead, a new beginning. You mend when you recollect the lesson and forget the pain .

You heal when you wake up in the morning and decide that youre going to try out that new coffee shop or buy the shoes youve been wanting to buy because you’re not waiting for someone to take you to the new coffee shop or waiting for a special occasion to wear the shoes.

You heal when you go to work and decide to be Give it your all. Help your client. Close a deal. Write a poem. Teach someone something they didnt know. You mend when you share your gifts with others. You mend when you build someones day slightly better.

You heal when you go back home and do something you genuinely enjoy. When you watch your favourite prove, your favorite movie or read a new book. You heal when you do something for yourself. When you give yourself some alone time doing things you find solace in — small things that make you feel alive. Small things that stimulate you forget about anything else going on in the world.

You heal when you talk to your loved ones. When you call your best friend and talk for hours about everything. When you remember that youll always have someone to lean on when times get rough. You heal when you laugh, when you call your funniest friend and start bursting into laugh and abruptly remember that you are able to giggle again. You mend when you remember that you can still laugh because life still has wonderful and funny moments awaiting you. You’ll always find reasonsto chuckle .

You start mending when you slowly take your intellect off your ache and start living. Start enjoying the little things. Trying new things. Expending some time doing what you love. Recollecting what its like to laugh again. Learning how to overcome your pain.

Because life will never be void of ache, but you can always find ways to navigate through that empty space. Because this is not the final destination, its only an impediment along the way. The road is still long and filled with astonishes that will construct your heart with happiness.

Rania Naim is a poet and writer of the new volume, available here.

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