Faraday Future answers mounting challenges with high-profile CTO hire

Faraday Future is an electric car company with a very uncertain future, following news that it would be ending its effort to build an assembly plant for its vehicles in Nevada. The companys primary backer, Chinas LeEco, is in dire fiscal straits, and the would-be Tesla challenger is facing its own hot as a result. Now, however, the company is revealing a big-name hire Ulrich Kranz, who previously headed BMWs electric i series vehicle program, is joining as Chief Technical Officer.

The addition of Kranz gives Faraday a new leading for its the investigations and developing, manufacturing, engineering and buy operations, the company tells me. He joins the company after a 30 -year career at BMW, where he spent the past 10 years overseeing the i series, including the i3 and i8, BMWs first dedicated EVs. Before that, Kranz resulted the MINI line, as well as product development across multiple areas at the automaker in previous roles.

Kranzs long history at the German automaker constructs the sudden change to the untested and beleaguered FF all the more noteworthy; hes barely a callous climber, jumping from stunt hire to stunt hire. Still, theres little doubt that Faraday considers this hire a strategic move its a rare spot of good news for a company that has had precious little of late.

Faraday also says that its nearing the end of a search for a turn-key manufacturing alternative, after being forced to walk away from its custom-built Nevada facility. Running with an existing fabricating facility will help it keep costs down and add some runway, as it seeks to get onto initial FF 91 sport sedan to market. The automaker unquestionably still faces huge challenges, and I still wouldnt call its prospects promising, but Kranzs hire is an interesting development nonetheless.

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