The All Controller controls all your consoles

Remember the third party controller your sibling/ cousin/ friend made you use when you visited his or her house in the NES days? Remember the pain you felt when the joystick wasnt quite right and the latter are hosing you on Mortal Kombat while you were busy trying to figure out why your character kept kicking? Well the All Controller isnt like that at all.

The All Controller is a third party project that, in theory, can be used on any console. You can set up macros and velocity buttons and connect to the Xbox, the PS4, or the Switch. It also has a 40 hour battery and can connect to PCs.

Connecting to consoles will be as easy as plugging in the custom USB adapter, write the creators. This device will enable the ALL Controller to connect to the XBox 360, XBox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Added support for Nintendo Wii, WiiU and Switch will be added as well. On top of that, the USB adapter will have all 11 USB drivers available for wireless use with any Windows, Mac, Linux, or Android game.

The team has added a bunch of perks if they make certain amounts including a gyroscope and other intertial measuring divisions. Out of the box it will support Xbox One and 360, PS3/ PS4, and PC.

Why would you want something like this? Well, at $88 its cheaper than buying an extra controller for each of your systems. Further, the organizations of the system can run 16 profiles that allow you to map the buttons for separate systems or games and even add in velocity macros and other special combos.

The team is raising $60,000 and is halfway there. The squad aims to ship in March 2018 so theres a lot of hazard associated with the product right now. Gizmodo has a hands-on, however, which suggests this might actually be a solid, usable gaming device.

While youre not going to get every feature your standard PS4/ Xbox controller has, you might be able to make up for it in the velocity you are able to enter the Konami code or how fast you can smack down Mega Mans foes. Worse comes to worse you can pass this controller off to your cousin or sibling while you play on the official controller.