‘Fight Song’ singer Rachel Platten designed a stylish new pin for a great cause.

It’s been nearly two and a half years since singer-songwriter Rachel Platten released “Fight Song, ” the near-inescapable empowerment anthem. The video for the hitting single has been viewed on YouTube more than 291 million times and has sold more than 2 million transcripts.

Platten’s song about seeing the strength to try to make it in the music industry has inspired countless people around the world, taking on a life of its own. For some fans, the ballad brought along consolation in memory of a lost loved one; for others, it’s been a catchall boost for get through a tough time in life.

“Each story reminds me how powerful words can be, and keeps me running, ” Platten writes in an email, of the song’s fans.

“I have loved having the chance to hear so many tales and learn of all the different ways that people across the world have induced ‘Fight Song’ their own, ” she tells. “Every story is just as important as the next.”

Platten performing in 2016. Photo by Rich Polk/ Getty Images for Crate and Barrel.

Platten recently teamed up with manner brand Wildfang and nonprofit empowerment group I Am That Girl for the second edition of the “You Got This” inspirational pin collection.

The goal of “You Got This” is to inspire confidence in women and girls everywhere. The world can be a pretty rough place at times, and we can all use a little bit of a reminder that there’s a lot of power within each of us.

Why not wear it on your sleeve literally?

The 2017 pin collect. Image courtesy of Wildfang.

Platten designed one of the pins( “Love Yo’self”) in this year’s collect. Other celebrity decorators included Jackie Cruz from “Orange Is the New Black, ” soccer champion Megan Rapinoe, Bethany Consentino of Best Coast, and others.

For Platten, her pin’s design is meant to acknowledge that, while the standards of perfection girls are expected to meet are unrealistic, we’re all perfectly imperfect in our own way.

Finding peace and trust hasn’t been easy for Platten. It’s been a lot of work, but well worth the effort.

“I’ve been learning lately that the voice in my head that makes “i m feeling” small, unworthy, and not been enough, is such a small piece of who I truly am, ” she tells. “I’m learning to not buy into that and to open my limbs broad to the world and ask to surrender that small voice in place of the bigger, kinder, wiser, stronger voice who whispers ‘You can TOO do this Rachel.'”

“Once I get back in alignment and recollect who I truly am, and what I am capable of, the impossible all of a sudden seems possible again. I’d like every young woman to remember this.”

The “You Got This” collection launches Aug. 3, and can be picked up at Wildfang‘s website. 10% of all proceeds run immediately to I Am That Girl, a group aimed at empowering women and girls with a message of trust, love, and self-acceptance .

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