Idea of a rapping teacher sound awkward? Actually, he’s awesome.

The idea of a educator rapping likely induces you wishes to wince, right? A for attempt … and for awkward.

But Mr. Reed stunned students when he came up with an awesome rhyme-infused rap designed to get his new fourth-graders pumped for the new school year .

The music video was called “Welcome to the Fourth Grade, ” and his students were totally feeling it. For obvious reasons, it went viral in August 2016.

Reed in his music video, “Welcome to the Fourth Grade.” Image via Mr. Reed/ YouTube.

His love of rap coupled with the ridiculous sum of excitement over the video built him eager to incorporate music into school life as often as he could.

So Reed spent much of the school year encouraging kids to embrace their own ingenuity and musicality. Some even got together to make their own music video, which was featured on the local news.

Tomorrow, a few children from the hood will perform their very own song on the local news. I don’t care what anyone tells: if you dedicate children the tools and the opportunities to be great, they will, every.single.time.

Posted by Mr. Dwayne Reed onWednesday, June 21, 2017

Today, Mr. Reed is continuing to spread his inspiring message in a new video series he helped put together with teachers across the country.

The video series powered by Old Navy was created to launch its cause platform of the same name, ONward ! The albumfeatures several new songs written and performed by educators about how they take the next generation to the next level. The sungs celebrate the more “awesome” aspects of school, aka reasons kids should be amped about going back.

His offering “Welcome Back to School” constructs one cool introduction to the fifth-graders at LEARN Campbell elementary in Chicago, where Reed is headed this fall.