Meet the doctor spreading her preventive care message to the entire country.

LaTasha Seliby first knew that she wanted to become a doctor after her aunt passed away at a very young age.

Her aunt had died of a “very, very preventable” ailment that could have been treated if she had just gotten the proper care. And when Seliby realized that, it illuminated a flame inside of her.

All images via Cigna.

After all, family always arrived first for her. That’s why, soon after the incident, she decided to dedicate her life to health care and make sure nothing like what happened to her aunt ever happened again to her family and to others.

“I wanted to be kind of a catalyst of change, ” tells Seliby. And today, that’s exactly what she is .

Because on top of being an achieved physician, Seliby is also making change in ways that go beyond the definition of her profession. In fact, you can see exactly how she’s doing that in the amazing video below :