8 Of The Most Ridiculous Things That Have Already Happened In 2017

If 2016 was a dumpster fire of a year, some may argue that 2017 has spread beyond the dumpster and started burning down the neighborhood. We hope your 2017 is running better than that personally, but its undeniable that there have already been some huge ups and downs on a national and global scale.

Now that weve reached the halfway phase of 2017, its time to slow down and look back at some of the silliest things that have characterized this strange year thus far.

1. Meet Salt Bae

Ottoman steak

A post shared by Nusr_et #Saltbae (@ nusr_et) on Jan 7, 2017 at 2:44 am PST

The internet is full of food porn, but its not often that the food is accompanied by a snack-worthy cook. Enter Salt Bae, the meme name for Turkish chef Nusret Gke, whose Instagram post that captured his signature salting move went viral back in January. Nurset has taken his newfound reputation in stride, though, posting pictures of all the Salt Bae fan art that maintains appearing around the world on his Instagram account.

2. George W. vs. the Poncho.

Former president George W. Bush has been the butt of so many gags since his words as chairwoman that wed be hard pressed to find them all. This year is no exception when at President Trumps inauguration, he seemingly couldnt figure out how to use a provided poncho to deal with the somewhat rainy climate. He even ended up hitting former vice president Dick Cheney in the head as he opposed with the thin plastic poncho.

3. Social Media Giveaway Faux Pas

The FAMOUS Pamela is BACK! Connection in Bio

A post shared by Sunny Co Clothing (@ sunnycoclothing) on Jun 12, 2017 at 12:29 pm PDT

Everyone love getting free stuff, and companies take advantage of that to enhance their social media presence and improve their brand. You have to be smart about it, though, which one company seemed to forget earlier this year.

Sunny Co. Garb offered free one-piece swimsuits for anyone who reposted their Instagram post within a 24 -hour period. Sunny Co. underestimated the power of a viral post and within a few hours, thousands of accounts had reposted their photo, leaving them scrambling to fulfill their promises.

The lesson here should be that if youre planning on giving away something for free, dont underestimate your followings ability to construct your post go viral.

4. The Romphim

Live free. #romplife

A post shared by Original RompHim (@ originalromphim) on Jul 4, 2017 at 7:45 am PDT

What can we say about this style disaster that ran viral other than an empathic WHY? Rompers have been a staple of womens summer fashion for decades, and this year, the opposite sex chose the latter are tired of being left out. Therefore, the Romphim was born rompers for men. It even got its own Kickstarter which induced more than $350,000, many times more than its original $10,000 goal.

5. Florida Man on a Roll

You cant make it through a listing of silly things without at least one mention of Florida Man all the crazy stories that come out of the Sunshine State. This year in so far, Florida Man has 😛 TAGEND

Hailed an Uber, use told Uber to rob a bank and then handed out cash on the street . The Uber driver also livestreamed the bank robbery.
Stole cans of Beanie Weenies and blamed his inner thug for stimulating him steal the canned food. Total value of the stealing: $2.50.
Robbed a home and left behind DNA evidence by taking a bite of pizza from the counter of the home he robbed.
Pulled out a samurai sword during a road race incident in Brooksville.
Sat on his gun and shot himself in the penis and then ended up in jail for owning a pistol as a convicted felon.

We can be sure well be treated to more Florida Man antics as the year continues.

6. #EnvelopeGate


A post shared by MOONLIGHT (@ moonlightmov) on Feb 26, 2017 at 9:18 pm PST

Yes, it is necessary to get over the habit of calling every remotely scandalous thing( Name) Gate, but in this case it definitely applies. When announcing the winner of the Best Picture at the Academy Awards, it was originally announced that the musical La La Land had won the award when it actually belonged to Moonlight. Not only did it shake the media world, but it also became the source for many memes anyone can win Best Picture when no one knows who actually won even the 1996 classic Space Jam !

7. How Bow Dah?

Current mood by @indietrent

A post shared by Danielle Bregoli (@ bhadbhabie) on Jul 19, 2017 at 10:44 am PDT

If the title of this section didnt build you shake your head and wonder whats incorrect with the world, youve probably been living under a stone. This phrase became famous because of a problematic teenager who was featured on the Dr. Phil show. Danielle Bregoli tried to pick a fight on Dr. Phil with the phrase Cash me ousside, how bow dah? and the rest is history.

Its shown up everywhere from TMZ which also features video of Danielle getting in a fistfight with a Spirit Airline employee to church signs. The devolution of humanity is well underway.

8. The Entire Donald Trump Presidency

Speaking of the devolution of humanity, regrettably we just had to tack Americas 45 th President onto the tail-end of this list. 2017 will forever be the year that we inaugurated a President who has been publicly exposed for boasting about grabbing females by their genitals.

From his complete waste-of-time trips to Mar-a-Lago to his clear general lack of understanding of what the President even does, the ridiculous Donald Trump Presidency is certainly make a mark in our history books.

Weve still got a little less than half of 2017 left, and who knows how the rest of the year will unfold? Its been an eventful year in the media, to say the least, and if were lucky, the year will close out being eventful in the best of ways. Hopefully its full of laugh, or at the least enough people that they are able laugh at themselves.

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