Microsoft makes content on Remix 3D more remixable

Remix 3D is Microsofts community site for sharing 3D models from Paint 3D and other 3D simulate tools. Dedicated the companys focus on mixed and virtual reality, its no amaze that the company wants to get people to think about house the kind of 3D models that bringing these new experiences to life. The premise of Remix 3D, as the name connotes, has always been that its a repository for models that the community can well remix.

To make this easier, Microsoft is launching a small but fundamental update to the service that stimulates it easier to do simply that.

When you look at a model on Remix 3D, you will now assure two tabs: parts and remixes. Just like today, the remix section will show you how other users have utilized this specific model in their creations. The parts section is new, however, and allows you to see and then use the individual partsthat were used to create a given model or scene.

As before, all of this is deeply integrated with Paint 3D, Microsofts Windows 10 tool for build and manipulating 3D models. Paint 3D, which launched with the Windows 10 Creators Update, still suffers from the fact that its hard to create 3D models on a 2D screen. But its also one of the most accessible 3D simulate tools, and if you want to give 3D modeling a try, at the least theres always Remix 3D around to attain your creations appear a bit more professional.

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