You’ve never heard of the world’s most popular beer

For International Beer Day this Friday, you might have trouble getting your hands on a cold glass of the best-selling beer on Earth.

Neither Budweiser nor Heineken can claim the title — instead, it belongs to a Chinese brew called Snow.

Though you may have never heard of it, Snow beat Bud Light and nabbed the distinction back in 2008, Reuters reported.

China Resource Beer says online that the product has become the largest single brew brand by volume worldwide since 2008.


The brand holds 5.5 percent of the global market share, according to Business Insider. Though its mainly sold in China, shoppers in the U.S. can get it at specialty stores, research reports said.

But what does it savor like? Snow is a forgettable pale lager that doesnt savour like much, Fortune said earlier this year.

The beer currently has a poor score of 68 on the website Beer Advocate.

There are some beers you buy since they are taste great and others you buy because they are inexpensive. Snow fills the latter category quite nicely in China, a review on the site said.

It is what it is, and really for what it is , not terrible, ” the review told. Like the bottle says: Relax, its penalty.

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