30 Things People Dont Realize Youre Doing Because You Actually Have Self-Respect Now


1. Not accepting apologies if theyre not followed by action.

2. Placing self-care on the top of your priority list; being more ambitious about your wellbeing than stimulating other people money.

3. No longer playing peacemaker. No longer being a martyr for other people’s wars. No longer feeling the required to the person who has to smooth over any situation that gets out of hand; becoming someone who can stay in their own peace while other people act foolish.

4. No longer idly nodding while other people complain about their lives. No longer participating in dialogues that are largely negative, or exist at the expense of someone else’s reputation.

5. ” Ghosting” on people who you don’t actually owe an explanation to. Yes, the mature thing to do is tell person you’re no longer speaking to why you’re no longer speaking to them. But a lot of the time, the better course of action is just to stop, and this is particularly important with people who would be combative or aggressive in response.

6. No longer justifying actions. No explaining why you’re dating person, or why you left your job. No more rationalizing things that do not require rationalization. Other people do not have to approve of your motives for your life choices to be valid.

7. Not answering texts right away. This is not rude, this happens because you need to be a person sometimes , not a brain dead customer attached to an iPhone, scrolling while at dinner, ingesting your intellect and life with other people’s business.

8. Going home when you want to go home. Not going out in the first place when you know that you really don’t want to go out. No longer feeling the need to attain elaborate excuses for this a” no thanks, I’m just going to chill tonight” is not a question up for negotiation, it is a statement.

9. Taking control of your narrative. Correcting people when they misspeak, or have incorrect hypothesis about you and your life.

10. Breaking other people’s expectations. You owe nothing to what other people want and expect you to be. Their the prospect of you are limited, and they are narrow. Conforming to them keeps you small.

11. Changing your intellect. You owe nothing to your younger ego. You are not failing because you are no longer chasing a dream you’ve outgrown.

12. Remaining out of debates online, because the world’s problems are not going to be solved in specific comments segment of your uncle’s Facebook timeline.

13. Stepping into debates online, because complacency is what’s gotten us here.

14. No longerengaging with people you detest. You owe nobody your energy, and realizing that is not the same thing as being impolite.

15. Not drinking yourself into an oblivion when you’re upset.

16. Not subscribing to the idea that appeasing yourself with any form of over-consumption is a viable coping mechanism.

17. Not caring if other people think your lifestyle or options are cool or correct or wise or not.

18. Sharing whatever it is you please online, as often as you please to.

19. Being creative and not caring how other people respond to it.

20. Saying “no” when the answer is “no.”

21. Telling” I don’t know” when the answer is” I don’t really know .”

22. Proving off your body whether other people think it’s “healthy” or “desirable” or not.

23. No longer being mean to other people because you have a problem with yourself.

24. No longer trying to convince everyone to like you.

25. Kind of falling in love with the fact that everyone doesn’t.

26. Taking persons responsible for your life. No longer sitting by the sidelines waiting for someone else to give you an opportunity or pity you so that you can feed off of their attention.

27. No longer prioritizing people who only construct you an option.

28. No longer playing the victim.

29. No longer holding yourself back with poor habits, laziness, and an unwillingness to develop grit.

30. No longer valuing how other people see your life over how it actually feels.

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