A gay Chechen man explains what it’s like being at the center of a human rights atrocity.

SA: Body dishonor is never ever ever ever ever ever OK.

Kelly Roberts is a fitness blogger and Instagram star who manages Run, Selfie, Repeat and founded the #SportsBraSquad motion, which empowers females to exercise shirtless no matter their body type.

This means she has absolutely no patience for those who think it’s OK to shame her for wearing a athletics bra while operating, and she’ll call you out and lay the smackdown on you if you try.

Her recent run-in with a body dishonor guy proves men are gross and Roberts is one strong woman.

Kelly Roberts wasn’t always throwing her hands up in victory at the finishing line of marathons .


Who do you look to when you’re feeling insecure? That’s the issue that constructed me fall apart last week during the #SportsBraSquad run @Oiselle hosted while I was in Seattle last week. I lost it because the truth is, when I’m impression insecure about my weight or my body, I read specific comments you leave whenever I talk about the #SportsBraSquad. It fills me with so much hope to know that together, we’re changing the way we consider our bodies. That instead of “fat” or “skinny”, we’re seeing driven, healthy, and strong as hell. But it breaks my f* cking heart were told that so many of us look in the mirror and fail to see our bodies for what they’re capable of. I don’t care how many times I have to say strength doesn’t looking a certain route, it feels a certain route. We have to do something about the fact that 70% of women don’t like their bodies. Operating isn’t something you should do to lose weight. It’s a route to remind yourself just how strong you really are. It sucks. It’s hard. It’s spirit crushing. And it’s painful. But the days when it’s great, they’re unparalleled. It attains every single painful step worth it. Believe in yourself. I don’t care how much you weigh or what sizing you are. You know what it means to put your healthiest and strongest foot forward. Do that, and everything else will take care of itself. You are strong. You are beautiful. You are a badass. June 24 th. Global #SportsBraSquad Day. A day for women and men to demonstrate the world what strength looks like. You in? #RunSelfieRepeat #Oiselle #badassladygang

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RTAG 8 TTHer Instagram bio describes her as the” Former President of the’ I F* cking Hate Running Club.'”

RTAG 9 TTKelly is open about the fact that after her friend passed away suddenly, she gained over 75 pounds but eventually procured the strength to work to get their own lives back.

RTAG 10 TTNow, Kelly is happy, healthy, and perfectly killing it. She’s a body positive advocate and fitness fanatic, and when she posted this inspiring picture, the Internet quickly reacted.

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