This startup wants to modernize the hotel industry

Calling for room service is kind of annoying, though its one of the most first world-type of problems one could have. But thats simply to say the hotel industry is behind, technologically speaking.

Startup AavGo is trying to fix that by bringing iPads into hotels to enable hotel staff to communicate among themselves, as well as enable hotel guests to easily communicate with faculty therefore getting rid of the need for room service phone calls and trips to the front desk.

This past week, AavGos service between hotel guests and hotel staff officially launched at the five hotel brands at which it operates. Up until this phase, AavGo merely enabled communication between staff. That means guests at hotels like The Row Hotel and Hotel Strata can use the AavGo-provided tablet in their room to request things like food, toothpaste, extra pillows or maintenance.

Aavgo guest-home


aavgo Staff-Front