Billie Lourd to inherit hefty sum from Carrie Fisher’s estate

Billie Lourd has been working hard to get used to life without her grandmother and mother around. Now, new tribunal documents reportedly disclose what the stars late mother left her after her passing.

Carrie Fisher, Lourds mother, died in December 2016. It was previously reported that the late Star Wars actress left her daughter a slew of owned assets including bank accounts, a 2016 Tesla S, ownership of several LLCs and a life insurance policy. This doesnt even cover Fishers various jewelry items, artwork and collectables.

Now, according to new documents obtained by People, fans have a slightly better idea of how much the Scream Queens star will inherit from her mothers estate. The outlet alleges that Lourd will receive at the least$ 7 million in various inheritence from her late mom. Additionally, the 25 -year-old actress is going to inherit the rights to her mothers very popular public image and likeness. This means all proceeds from Fishers books and other trademarks and copyrights now go right to Lourd.

Recently, Star Wars: The Last Jedi actor John Boyega opened up about the upcoming film and how it became an unexpected homage to the late actress. Fisher was reportedly going to have a big role in Star Wars portions eight and nine, but those schemes had to be changed when she died in 2016.

I just feel like[ The Last Jedi] pays homage to them in general, he said of Fisher and co-star Mark Hamils characters to The Hollywood Reporter. But unfortunately , now that shes passed, it does have a deeper meaning.

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