ISIS used eBay to funnel terror cash to US, feds say

U.S. examiners uncovered a global fiscal network run by a senior Islamic State official that funneled fund to an alleged ISIS operative in the U.S. through fake eBay transactions, according to a recently unsealed FBI affidavit.

The alleged recipient of the funds was an American citizen in his early 30 s who had been arrested more than a year ago in Maryland after a lengthy Federal Bureau of Investigation surveillance operation that found the first clues to the suspected network.

The government had alleged in a 2016 indictment that the American suspect, Mohamed Elshinawy, pledged allegiance to Islamic State and had pretended to sell computer printers on eBay as a encompas to channel pays for Islamic State through PayPal, potentially to fund terror attacks.

The recently unsealed FBI affidavit, filed in federal tribunal in Baltimore, alleges that Mr. Elshinawy was part of a global network stretching from Britain to Bangladesh that used similar schemes to fund Islamic State and was directed by a now-dead senior ISIS figure in Syria, Siful Sujan.

The U.S. has said Mr. Elshinawy told researchers he was instructed to use the money for operational purposes in the U.S ., such as a possible terror attack. He has pleaded not guilty to supporting the terror group, and currently is in federal detention awaiting trial. His lawyer declined to comment.

The instance suggests how Islamic State is trying to exploit holes in the vast online fiscal world to finance terror outside its borders.

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