These 10 tech companies are doing the best at diversity, according to Comparably

Its been quite a week in tech, with now-former Google engineer James Damores controversial post about gender going viral and his subsequent firing. So, right on cue, workplace culture and company review platform Comparably has come out with a ranking of the top 10 tech companies for people of color, as well as the top 10 for women.

Because gender is top of mind for a lot of people right now, lets first take a look at that. Salesforce is No. 1, with a score of 82, Apple comes in at No. 9 with a rating of 78 and Facebook is ranked No. 10 with a rating of 77. Heres the full listing for gender 😛 TAGEND

Salesforce (8 2)

Adobe ( 80)

Intuit ( 80)

T-Mobile( 79)

LinkedIn( 79)

Accenture( 79)

PayPal( 78)

Workday( 78)

Apple( 78)

Facebook( 77)