Im 24 And Single Get The Hell Over It

Guillaume Bolduc

Constantly, I find myself being bombarded with questions and comments and backhanded compliments from strangers and people I know.

Um, I’m sorry but, who the hell invited into my dating life or absence thereof? And who the hell are you to judge me and my love life which you are not a part of ?

I get it, I’m 24. I CLEARLY KNOW THAT. But why does a number have to define when someone should find love or not? And why does being in your mid twenties signal a notion for everyone to come operating to you, knocking you down with topic after question. What does being any age, “re going to have to” do with love?


And before you judge person for being single, or for not dating at a certain time, believe logically, please. I’ve had three some what successful relationships. I’ve been in love! Like, real, fucking, big love. I’ve dated people from real life and from the internet, I’ve been ghosted by people who I crushed on big time on, and I’ve been incredibly heartbroken by people I had never even dated.

Sometimes, it’s a persons decision to be single. Sometimes, people simply don’t want a significant other. And it doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with them. It doesn’t mean that they are lonely. It doesn’t mean that their criteria are too high.

It simply means that they don’t give a fuck.

Life does not stop turning when someone chooses to be single. The world doesn’t crumble or aim. Life doesn’t suddenly turn dark when you choose to be single. And for me at this time in my life, I actually to be single.

Maybe it’s shocking to you. Maybe it’s unsettling to you. Perhaps you think I’m a fool for not even looking for someone to expend the rest of my life with.

But candidly, it’s none of your damn business.

My love life is mine , not anyone else’s. And when the time comes when I want to settle down and genuinely find someone to spend the rest of my life with, it still won’t be any of your business to stick your nose into .

So, to answer all of your nagging topics, yes I’m single and yes I’m happy, and yes I get lonely, and yes I love love and eventually want it. But not right now. Not now. Truthfully, there’s more important shit to care about in the world than seeing my other half. And that’s not my priority right now.

What’s it to you?

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