Sleeperbot is the best place to host your fantasy football league this season

Sleeperbot, which has raised about$ 2M in seed funding from Birchmere VC and Expa, and boasts hundreds of thousands of users, calls itself Slack for sports.

Its basically an app( and website) that lets sports fans have dialogues around different topics theyre passionate about. These debates happen in channels some of which are created by the company and are general topics like fantasy advice, and some are created by users like an Eagles fan club.

And now they are adding another feature that is sure to make it even more useful for sports fans fantasy athletics. Starting with NFL this season, Sleeperbot is adding is supportive of season-long fantasy athletics right inside its app.

This move induces total sense because season-long fantasy athletics, unlike daily fantasy sports, is a very social activity.

Most people play in leagues with friends they have known their whole life and the social/ chat element can be just as important as the actual gameplay. Thats why it doesnt make sense for casual player to utilize sites like ESPN or Yahoo fantasy anymore who wants to make a trade in one app then switch to iMessage or GroupMe when its time to talk to the rest of the league when you can do it all from one place?

So Sleeperbots fantasy product is very focused on social in fact almost every screen in the app has an embedded chat so you can talk to your league. Theres also a feature to power in-person drafts, which is something important in most serious fantasy athletics leagues among friends.

While the fantasy product is just launching, Sleeperbot as a chat app has been around for a bit and seen some pretty good traction. Users open the app 4-5 times a day and spend 3-5 minutes per session and on peak game days average users to be able to spend up to 30 minutes in the app talking athletics with their friends.

Sleeperbots free NFL fantasy product launches this season, and other sports will roll out afterwards this year. You can download their app on theiOS App Store here and Google Play Store here,or play on the web.