OpenAI bot remains undefeated against worlds greatest Dota 2 players

Last night, OpenAIs Dota 2 bot beat the worlds most celebrated professional players in one-on-one battles, showing just how advanced these machine learning systems are getting.

The bot beat Danil Dendi Ishutin instead easily at The International, one of the biggest eSports events in the world, and remains undefeated against the worlds top Dota 2 players.

Elon Musks OpenAI developed the bot by simply copying the AI and letting the two play one another for weeks on end.

Weve coached it to learn only from playing against itself, said OpenAI researcher Jakub Pachoki. So we didnt hard-code in any strategy, we didnt have it learn from human experts, just from the very beginning, it only keeps playing against a copy of itself. It starts from complete randomness and then it attains very small improvements, and eventually its only pro level.

To be clear, a 1v1 battle in Dota 2 is far less complex than an actual professional combat, which includes two teams of five players completing a variety of chores simultaneously to attain victory. But OpenAI said thats working on another bot that could play against and alongside humen in a larger 5v5 battle.

Not shockingly, Elon Musk was watching along and had some thoughts of his own, calling unregulated AI vastly more dangerous than North Korea šŸ˜› TAGEND

This isnt the first time Elon Musk has spoken up about the dangers of AI without regulation. He said that the process of setting up a government body to regulate AI should start in the immediate future, speaking at the International Space Station R& D seminar a few weeks ago.

Musk has also thrown shade at Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Twitter, saying that Zucks understanding of AI is limited.

Speaking at TC Sessions: Robotics, Rodney Brooks, founder of iRobot and Rethink Robotics, disagreed with Musk went on to say that, currently, there isnt much to regulate.

If youre going to have a regulation now, either it applies to something and changes something in the world, or it doesnt is being implemented in anything. If it doesnt apply to anything, what the fuck is do you have the regulation for? Tell me, what behavior do you want to change, Elon? By the style, lets talk about regulation on self-driving Teslas, because thats a real issue.

At the same event, head of Amazon Robotics Tye Brady said the following šŸ˜› TAGEND

Im not really a fan of regulation. Im a fan of doing whatever the customer seeks. We have a mission in intellect to do order fulfillment in the most effective ways possible. So, yeah, Im not a fan of regulation.

Obviously, some of the worlds greatest minds in the fields of robotics/ AI/ ML are at an impasse, but the maturation of AI waits for no human.

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