Uber investor Shervin Pishevar petitions Benchmark to step down from board and sell some of its stock

Shortly after a group of Uber shareholders asked Benchmark to relinquish its spot on Ubers board of directors, Sherpa Capitals Shervin Pishevar is petitioning Benchmark via Change.org to remove itself from Ubers board. The petition also asks Benchmark to sell at least 75 percent of its stock so that the firm no longer has rights to appoint members to Ubers board of directors.

We have investors ready to acquire these shares as soonas we receive communication from Benchmark that they are willing to withdraw their lawsuitand sell a minimum of 75% of their holds, the petition states.

Benchmark is suing former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, alleging violation of fiduciary duty and hoax by seeking to increase his power over Uber for his own selfish ends. Benchmarks lawsuit ultimately seeks to remove Kalanick from the board. Since filing the lawsuit, the tables have turned, and a group of stockholders is now asking Benchmark to remove itself from the board.

Ubers board of directors has also spoken out against the lawsuit, saying its disappointed that a disagreement between shareholders has resulted in litigation.

Now back to the petition. At the time of publication, Pishevars petition had just 41 supporters. Change.org will deliver the petition to Benchmark once it reaches 100 advocates. A source says Pishevar has sent the petition to some fellow Uber investors, asking them to get on board.

Why Pishevar guess Change.org will be more effective, Im not sure. Ive reached out to him and will update this story if I hear back.

Heres the full petition 😛 TAGEND

As a group of stockholders of Uber Technology, Inc.( the Company) “were in” astounded and distressed to learn through the media of the lawsuit brought by your firm against the Company, and its founder and former Chief Executive Officer Travis Kalanick.

Naturally, we share your concerns about their own problems that the Company has tackled in recent months, but we are greatly concerned about the tactics employed by Benchmark to address them, which strike us as ethically dubious and, critically, value-destructive rather than value enhancing.

Specifically, we do not feel it was either prudent or necessary from the standpoint of stockholder value, to hold the company captive to a public relations calamity by demanding Mr. Kalanicks resignation, along with other concessions, on a few hours notice and within weeks of a personal misfortune, under threat of public scandal. Even less so your escalation of this fratricidal course notwithstanding Mr. Kalanicks resignation through your recent suit, which we fear will cost the company public goodwill, interfere with fundraising and obstruct the critical search for a new, world-class Chief executive officer. Benchmark has utilized false accusations from suits like Waymo as a matter of fact and this and many actions has crossed the fiduciary line.

Benchmarks investment of $27 M is worth $8.4 billion today and you are suing the founder, the company and the employees who worked so hard to create such unprecedented value. We ask you to please consider the lives of these employees and allow them to continue to grow this company in peace and make it thrive. These actions do the opposite.

Accordingly, we would request that Benchmark help the Company realize its full potential by allowing the necessary work to be done in the Board Room rather than the Courtroom. To this end, at this point, in light of your suit against the Company, we believe it would be best, and hereby request, that Benchmark remove its representative from the Companys Board and move promptly to divest itself of enough shares in the Company so as to cease to have Board appointment rights. We have investors ready to acquire these shares as soon as we receive communication from Benchmark that they are willing to withdraw their lawsuit and sell a minimum of 75% of their holdings.

We are also asking for a symbolic Board of Directors vote on this matter at todays Board meeting to show how the Board of Directors stands on this lawsuit brought against the company, its founder and the 15,000 employees of Uber who have all worked so hard in concert to create the fastest growing company in history.

Many other shareholders share our views and will be adding their names in the working day ahead.


Shervin Pishevar
Personal Investor, Advisor and Former Uber Board Observer( 2011 -2 015) Coordinator, Uber Shareholder Alliance

Ron Burkle
Yucaipa Companies

Adam Leber
Partner, Maverick

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